Below is a CreepLA retrospective interview which explores the genesis and trajectory of the L.A.-based, immersive haunted house.

Before JFI Productions was even formed, CreepLA was a multi-sensory haunted house that included guests in the experience. With more time in each room, participants were able to interact with the various creeps within – proving that people can be far scarier than any fictional monster.

In 2016, CreepLA returned to Los Angeles’ Halloween Season with Entry, and artistic look at what defines a creep – bringing guests into the troubled mind of an artist and exploring a sexier side of horror. From there, CreepLA has expanded their library, working with Amazon Prime to produce LORE, taking over an entire floor of DTLA Row to produce Awake, and creating a museum full of living art with Haus of Creep. Each of these experiences was memorable and haunting in their own unique way. With CreepLA officially ending its five-year run in 2019, we wanted to pay tribute to one of our favorite immersive horror experiences out there.

Don’t worry; while CreepLA may be done, JFI Productions is far from over (Night Fever is currently running), and they have much planned for Los Angeles’ future. In this 2-hour CreepLA retrospective interview, Immersed sits down with Justin Fix, J.T. Swierczek, Stephanie Turek, Daniel Montgomery, and Kristin Childers to take a look back at Los Angeles’ most artistic haunted house!

Find more information on JFI Productions on their website, Instagram, and Facebook page. Night Fever, an immersive take on a ’70s disco party, is currently running on select nights through April 23rd; purchase tickets HERE.

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