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Reaper’s Remorse

october, 2021

16oct6:30 pm11:59 pmReaper's RemorseDelusionImmersive Style:Immersive HorrorPrice:$89.99 - $119.99

Delusion - Reaper's Remorse - Immersive Horror - Pomona - CA

Event Details

The vanguard of interactive horror theatre presents: Reaper’s Remorse.
There are some dead that won’t let go. Clutching to this world by whatever threads they can find. Pretty red shoes. A shotgun. A loved one left behind. And although these strands of life can be as innocent as a child’s toy… everything has its price. A price only Esther Phillips can afford.

She lives alone. A solemn collector surrounded by artifacts that not only tell tales, but carry the very souls they’re tied to. An ethereal prison of those unwilling to let go.

Esther’s latest acquisition may be her greatest yet… if she would only go near. Fear, anger and regret bleed from it. Things decay, but memories can linger.

A rare invitation has been extended to you, fellow lovers of the occult. An exclusive evening to play your part in the haunting and epic story of Esther Phillips.

There are some dead that won’t let go, and there are others that must make them.


New to Delusion this season is an open world component to the interactive play. As Esther’s guests, you may spend as much time as you wish before and/or after the show, exploring her manor and grounds as multiple and mysterious story threads help piece together a haunting tale. Meet fellow guests, share in a cocktail and cheer to a newly reopened world.


A secluded floor of the mansion houses strange and unique offerings, furthering the downward spiral into a twisted world.

Access to the secluded 2nd Floor
Explore the Phillips private collection of more personal artifacts, uncovering exclusive story threads
Enter the Dark Arts Private Bar & Lounge and perhaps a chance encounter with the mansion’s strange, magical and eccentric resident
Signed Poster from Delusion Creator Jon Braver



(Saturday) 6:30 pm - 11:59 pm PST


Phillip's Mansion

2640 Pomona Blvd, Pomona, CA 91768

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$89.99 – $119.99


DelusionHow would it feel to be a character in a real-life horror and suspense film? Touted as “the future of live entertainment” and “the single greatest event in LA”, this moving play immerses you in a living, breathing world as you play your part in a psychologically disturbing tale of horror, suspense, mystery, and adventure. First premiered in 2011, Delusion is on a mission to redefine live theater by creating psychologically disturbing, interactive experiences that incorporate the audience into the story as characters. Using an innovative blend of suspenseful storytelling, a chilling original score, visual FX, and professional actors and stuntmen, Delusion creates a truly one of a kind world-class immersive experience. You will interact with actors, perform actions, retrieve objects, solve mysteries, choose paths, and perhaps sacrifice yourself to move the story forward. You are invited to become a key player in Delusion’s next twisted tale! How far will you go to fully realize your journey into the darkness and beyond?

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