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Immersive Theater

Rogue Artists Ensemble, Señor Plummer's Final Fiesta, Immersive Theater West Hollywood Arts District Sandbox Los Angeles
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Immersive Theater: An experience where the traditional focus of theater – narrative, character and theme – are revealed through direct sensory input and a design that surrounds the audience.

Immersive theater is a specific style of event that transforms theater into something tangible. It erodes the barrier between audience and actor while maintaining the same goals of traditional theater. It is evocative, transportive, and essentially, an adult playground.

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There are numerous sub-genres of immersive theater, depending on its style and structure. This ranges from fully interactive with agency to impacting the narrative to non-participatory experiences set in an old mansion. They can be linear, multi-track, or sandbox (wander anywhere, follow anyone). These are akin to traditional theater, but with more focus on you, more interactivity, and more connection to characters.
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