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Installations, Activations, & Pop Ups

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 - Carnival Row
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Installations / Activation / Pop-Up: An immersive experience created by transforming a story told in a different medium, usually for a very short duration of days, weeks, or months.

These are currently mostly built as a way of marketing a movie, television show, or book by allowing audiences to ‘experience’ the story in a novel, interactive way. They can be largely designed for audience members to take photos for social media or can be a more complete experience (see our San Diego Comic-Con coverage for specific examples). The trend is toward more active engagement as marketers realize the potency of immersive experiences.

Browse the posts below to find large-scale attractions that might interest you.

Most installations, activations, and pop-ups are ephemeral, existing for a short period of time and thus, do not show up our intensity guide. These are often month long experiences to promote new movies, like the IT Experience or the Amazon Prime activations, featuring Carnival Row, The Expanse, and The Boys.
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