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Los Angeles Immersive Theater Guide

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Ready to immerse yourself in experiences? Well, you’re in the right place. Immersed’s Guide will help you find the latest, up-to-date information on immersive experiences. If you’d like to have any events added, please email us and we can add your experience.

While this page shows all events organized by event name, Immersed also offers a list of all these experiences organized by date (in our CALENDAR) and by location (in our MAP). Check out these two pages for the same experiences viewed through a different lens.

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01aug9:00 am8:00 pmImmersive Van GoghImmersive Style:Theme Parks & Installations Price: $29.99 - $99.99

01aug5:00 pm10:30 pmThe DiscOasisConstellation ImmersiveImmersive Style:Theme Parks & Installations Price: $49 - $84

01aug7:30 pm8:45 pmThe Midnight MarketMirror World CreationsImmersive Style:Immersive Theater Price: $40

01aug7:30 pm8:45 pmThe Girl On The PhoneMirror World CreationsImmersive Style:Immersive Theater Price: $48

01aug7:30 pm9:00 pmGremlinMirror World CreationsImmersive Style:Immersive Theater Price: $15

01aug7:30 pm9:00 pmFragile RecallMirror World CreationsImmersive Style:Immersive Theater Price: $49.99

02aug4:00 pm10:00 pm444biden FructusElisabeth StranathanImmersive Style:Immersive Theater Price: $95.95

02aug5:00 pm7:00 pmRebootWalking Shadow Theatre CompanyImmersive Style:Immersive Theater Price: $20-$30

20aug7:59 pm11:59 pmPleasure Park, ExposedDisco Dining Club & Tom of Finland FoundationImmersive Style:Dinner or Drinks Price: $250


16sep6:30 pm11:59 pmReaper's RemorseDelusionImmersive Style:Immersive Horror Price: $89.99 - $119.99


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