If you’re reading this, you may have heard of The Lust Experience: the intriguing twisted Gordian knot that is 2017’s follow up to last year’s The Tension Experience.  Tension introduced us to the world of the OOA, a mysterious cult operating in Los Angeles, and just as quickly destroyed it – revealing that the OOA was merely a front to collect emotional data about participants by the violent OSDM (Oracle Security and Data Management).  If you’re reading this, you may also know that this coming week brings us Anointment, the Midseason Event for The Lust Experience, where, with the curtain long-since drawn back, participants are invited to enter OSDM Headquarters for some “real” answers.

If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is. The coming event, as we saw with Tension last year, has been preceded by nearly a year of interaction between participants, the OSDM and various satellite groups that may or may not be trying to destroy each other. If you’re attending Anointment, this primer will hopefully help you get familiarized with some of the important characters you may encounter on your trip down the rabbit hole.



Noah was the first point of contact for many participants to The Lust Experience; the face of The System, the somewhat aggressive self-help program that appeared at the onset of this year’s activity.  His father, Horace Sinclair, appears to be the head of the OSDM, attempting to raise his son to be his manipulative successor, with mixed results.  Horace also hand-selected Sarah Sinclair to be Noah’s wife due to her physical compatibility and ambition.

Noah himself is a brash, charming, and calculating braggart, and appears to be if not at odds with his father’s ideology, at least at odds with how he presents it.  He was seen to openly mock and rebel against Horace at a System event in August of 2017, and was revealed to be the unifying force between himself, Morgan Rooms, Mason Silver, Michelle, and Joyce Carlberg in an effort to prepare participants to enter OSDM HQ during Anointment. This group is colloquially referred to by participants as “The System Five.”

Horace Sarah and Noah Sinclair - The Lust Experience - Immersive Theater - Tension Experience - Anointment Guide to Characters - OSDM

Horace, Sarah, and Noah Sinclair



Morgan was, until earlier in 2017, a participant along with the core group of avid followers of Tension and Lust.  Last year, he witnessed the terrible actions of the OSDM and the harm it did to people he loved.  At the same time, the supposed “resistance” movement he was part of, the BOS, was revealed to be a sham organization devised by OSDM to collect a different set of data from those who disagreed with the OOA’s mission statement.

This year, Morgan took it upon himself to make the resistance a reality, reforming the BOS with the aid of Stacy Erikson, Jenna, and Macy Jones, all formerly associated with the OOA/OSDM, and all out for vengeance and destruction. Many active participants were drawn to the BOS through a shell “ARG” style account created by Morgan, The Midnight Commission. If you have received emails from this organization with instructions for what to do or wear at Anointment, you’d do best to follow them.

Morgan was revealed in November to have been working with Noah Sinclair for quite some time towards their common goal: to bring down the OSDM.

Morgan Rooms - The Lust Experience - Immersive Theater - Tension Experience - Anointment Guide to Characters - OSDM

Morgan Rooms



Joyce initially appeared as a mouthpiece for the public relations arm of the OSDM, engaging participants with an acerbic wit and humor.  She disappeared for many weeks after her initial flurry of engagement, only to return and reveal that she had been on a “retreat” – an OSDM-sanctioned event for actors and employees that featured emotional torture as a twisted character building exercise. She was prepared to answer participants questions on Facebook Live when she was interrupted and later “murdered” by Mason and Michelle. However, she was revealed to be very much alive and working with the other members of The System Five.   According to Mason, she is the mother of his child, though this too may be an intentional mislead.

Joyce Carlberg - The Lust Experience - Immersive Theater - Tension Experience - Anointment Guide to Characters - OSDM

Joyce Carlberg



Mason appeared in late August and emailed several participants, claiming he was doing research on “ethics in immersive theatre” for The Briarberg Institute.  His behavior rapidly became erratic, from aggressive language online to the alleged assault and murder of Joyce Carlberg. It also became apparent that Mason had first been introduced to select participants as “Jack,” Morgan’s assistant from The Midnight Commission/BOS, seemingly gone rogue.

Raised in the OSDM, like Noah Sinclair, Mason sought to bring them down. He began to encourage participants to question their friends, who “acted” in the final event from Tension last year, regarding any strange interactions they had during their time spent as “cast.”  Several of these actors met with a group of participants at a Briarberg-hosted meet-up and warned of the dangers of The Experience itself, reinforcing the idea that there is a real danger present here, merely disguised as “immersive theatre.”  Mason’s behavior escalated further to repeated calls and even an in-person visit to a participant who lived out-of-state, and the alleged murders of several recently-dismissed OSDM employees before he too was revealed to be working with The System Five.

He is still the highly-intelligent and manipulative person we have come to know, but his behavior thus far seems to fit with Noah’s plan to prepare us for Anointment by challenging our expectations and perceptions of others.

Mason Silver - The Lust Experience - Immersive Theater - Tension Experience - Anointment Guide to Characters - OSDM

Mason Silver



Michelle was the OSDM representative who, along with her colleague Samson, oversaw the murder of the “cult” members of the OOA at the end of Tension. Michelle went on to claim that the OSDM worshiped a false god (Anoch) and splintered off from the organization; she was also responsible for revealing that the original incarnation of the BOS was a sham created by the OSDM itself.

She then reappeared during Lust; notably, in a Facebook Live video where she joined Mason in the apparent “murder” of Joyce Carlberg. Her motivations for this likely stemmed from her hatred of OSDM for “pulling the rug out from under her” as she told a participant earlier in the year.  She too, joined The System Five to pursue a common goal to take down the OSDM.

Michelle - The Lust Experience - Immersive Theater - Tension Experience - Anointment Guide to Characters - OSDM




Sabrina is perhaps the most complicated recurring player in both Tension and Lust; and is the only member on this list not in The System Five. She was the focal point of last year’s events for many participants, having played Addison Barrow, the hard-nosed Overseer of the OOA. Addison at first seemed to be a brainwashed captive that needed rescuing from the cult she’d fallen in with.  Slowly, it became apparent that this was no act, that Sabrina herself, the actress playing Addison, was the one in need of saving.  She was last seen leaving the OOA compound, seemingly free from OSDM control, only to return earlier this year at an OSDM-run event, claiming to have willingly returned to the fold. Her motivations are murky, her intentions even more so. It is unclear which side Sabrina truly stands on; perhaps only her own.

The Tension Experience Ascension Addison Truth OOA Institute BOS Horror Immersive Theater

Sabrina Kern



These many twists and turns have led us to the week of December 11th, 2017, and The Lust Experience’s first major event. Expect to be challenged and placed in uncomfortable positions, physically and emotionally; expect the unexpectable. You may well see The System Five or many other, unknown faces throughout Anointment; expect to be surprised. And as always in the world of both Tension and now Lust, the above descriptions are open to interpretation; these stories may change. The beauty of The Lust Experience, and Tension before it, is that you can enter the lion’s den thinking you know what to expect and be completely wrong, but still discover something stirring.

The OSDM invites you to explore your innermost desires, and whatever you may discover those desires are: your path is entirely your own.

For more information on the Midseason Event, please check out The Lust Experience WebsiteFacebook, and Instagram.

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