For those of you who read Immersed, you know we are big fans of Noah Sinclair’s The System, which we became aware of when it was spammed across the The Lust Experience’s forum on February 15th at 7pm. Noah Sinclair is a self help guru empowering his students to take what they want and give no fucks about it. Together with his wife Sarah Sinclair, they have been scheduling some of the fans of The Lust Experience (the follow-up to last year’s groundbreaking The Tension Experience) for consultations and focus groups. And while there have been some rumors of marital issues between Sarah and Noah and reports of him being drunk in public on the evening of April 2nd, we do not with to speculate or conjecture on their personal life.

We were just sent a press release from Sarah Sinclair and Sinclair Industries. Please read below for more information.



If you are interested in helping Noah Sinclair or finding out the latest breaking news on his condition, please check out the forums for The Lust Experience.

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