Back in April 2017, Scout Expedition Co. made a strong impression on the Los Angeles immersive scene by showcasing their rich talent in scenic and production design with their debut show, The Nest .  Though this was the first endeavor for co-creators Jeff Leinenveber and Jarrett Lantz, the two aren’t strangers to the world of immersive theater, having lent their skills to various productions throughout their career, which include Delusion and Third Rail Projects.  


The Nest Scout Expedition Co Immersive Theater Los Angeles


When the time felt right, Jeff and Jarrett decided to  use the knowledge and skills they learned over the years to produce The Nest, a magical and captivating self-guided exploration through the small confines of a storage unit.  As the participant discovers audio tapes hidden around the space that can be played through the aid of an audio-cassette player, audiences begin to empathize with a person they’ve never met. They bond with her over the accomplishments and hardships that span her lifetime.  “There really is no perfect way to go through the space,” Jarrett explains. There’s no winning scenario.

Outside of The Nest’s very own storage unit, on a still and peaceful night in Los Angeles, Jeff and Jarrett sit down with Immersed to discuss the long journey that led them to the end of their successful first show.  “We really wanted to use The Nest as a proving ground.  Now that it’s finished, we definitely want to move to something larger,” Jarrett says excitedly.  To hear the full discussion as Jeff and Jarrett share stories, secrets and insight on The Nest, you can view Haunting’s full video below.  

While Jeff and Jarrett are keeping quiet for now on what their next show will be, the two will be hosting a day-long workshop in partnership with on January 28th.  They will share both theoretical and practical principles of immersive set design and while working with you in a hands-on environment.  Though the class is currently sold out, a waitlist is available including notifying you on any future workshops.  More information regarding their last workshop held in San Francisco can be found here.

For more information on Scout Expedition Co., you can check out their website and follow their Facebook and Twitter.  Immersed’s review on The Nest can be read here.

Director & B-cam – Cara Mandel

Directory of Photography – Wey Wang

Actor & Production Assistant – Kevin Gossett

Music – Davron Mananov

Editor – Jon Kobryn

Special Thanks to Infected Logic, Dufftone Sound, and Scout Expedition Co.

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