The Walls of Harrow House

A new genre for puppetry. Immerse yourself in horror.

Announcing our world premiere of monstrous fun.


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Following a successful $20k Kickstarter campaign, Rough House brings genre-blurring,

immersive puppet horror to life this Fall at the Chopin Theatre.


Rough House Theater

CHICAGO – The Walls of Harrow House is not a sit-back-and-watch-it-unfold performance. You set the action in motion in this haunted house-style, immersive puppet performance. This Fall at the Chopin Theatre, audiences will descend into Rough House’s gorgeous, dark, and surreal world where a mad architect’s relentless pursuit of utopia has gone horribly awry.

“It’s our desire to be more than spectators—to be sucked headlong into alternative worlds—that has fueled the recent boom in immersive theater, which trades the fourth wall for winding hallways and dance floors, in the hope of giving audiences not a show but an ‘experience.’” – Michael Schulman, The New Yorker

You are invited to a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Harrow House, the secluded home and studio of Milton Harrow, the world’s most influential and reclusive architect. With no guide but your own instincts, you’ll be set loose in the infamous home to discover its secrets, free to pull on whatever threads you encounter and become entangled in the terrifying tale that unspools around you.

Within Harrow House’s mouldering walls, you will meet its monstrous inhabitants – the architect’s family, assistants, and his most fervent followers. Each one has made an unthinkable sacrifice to the mad architect’s insatiable hunger for a world that conforms only to his design.

Through puppetry, environmental and sonic design, Harrow House will bring you face to face with cosmic horrors, nightmarish to behold and yet…uncannily familiar. Harrow House asks: can we not only face our fears, but meet them?

Can we find empathy for those who frighten us?


Rough House Theater

About Rough House

Rough House Theater Co. is on a mission to connect individuals and communities through art that celebrates the weird things that make us unique and the weirder things that bring us together. Rough House creates theater that captures the heart through the eye. Their shows use puppetry, music, and human performance to tell intimate stories, as strange as they are sincere.

Through performances, presentations of work by fellow artists, and artist training, Rough House aspires to make Chicago a national hub of contemporary puppet theater, comprising a diverse and ever-growing community of audiences and artists.The company’s work has appeared in the National Puppetry Festival, The Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival, punk houses, funeral parlors, a lotion factory, and the woods of Appalachia.

“The Walls of Harrow House” performs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, October 10 through November 3. Tickets will be available for purchase mid-August at

For more information, check their website or view the Kickstarter project page at


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